Birthday Cake Candle

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The smells of freshly baked cake and sweet vanilla icing,

We use a 12 oz high glass tumbler jar which is reusable. Once done with the candle, rinse the jar with soap and water. Remove the wick base from the jar and now you have a beautiful tumbler for any additional use.

Burn time for these candles is approximately 40-56 hours. We recommend burning it in 3-hour increments to get the most out of the candle. But we know most people let them burn for much longer, so no worries, it still as fragrant from beginning to end.

Birthday Cake -
A sweet buttery bouquet of coconut shavings and sugared berries with mid notes of pink hawthorn and melted butter. Notes of sweet caramel and creamy vanilla finish off this scent to make the perfect blend that smells like a birthday cake fresh from the bakery!