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Private Labels Add on Upgrade

There is a flat fee of $10 for a private label. No matter the quantity of cases per order, the fee will just be $10. (It is per order, so you need to ensure you have everything in order).

Example: if you wanted 1 case (12 total) of the 9 oz Salsa Jars / Mason Jars, you would need to order 1 of each of this listing.

Example: If you wanted 2 cases (24 total) of the 9 oz Salsa Jars / Mason Jars you would need to order 2 of this listing.

We do not design labels, but we will print your label if you send it to us. PNG or JPEG format ONLY.
We ONLY print 2.83 x 2.2" or 2 x2 labels for this size candles

We DO NOT design logos

Steps to follow:
1. Choose your font options and message us on which font. If you have not chosen a font we will not be able to complete your order.
2. Send over your logo in pdf or jpg form, custom message, or the company name you want to have on the candles.