Rose Petal Bath Salt

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Rose Petals - A purely passionate blend of rose essential oils and tuberose fragrance oil fuse together giving you a lavish experience accented with romantic rose petals. As the petals float, the essence of rose fills the water and air.

Our bath soaks are great for self care!  Taking a bath with mineral-rich sea salts can help you relax, which promotes a happier, stress-free self and aids in soothing aches and pains. Try one today!

Size: 14.5 oz reuse-able glass jar

To Use: Sprinkle or scoop desired amount of bath soak into warm running bath water. Due to the all natural ingredients and essential oils, it is normal for the bath soak to clump together. This does not affect the product, simply use a spoon to gently break it apart and scoop the desired amount into the bath water.

Ingredients: Sea Salt, Dried Rose Petals, Fragrance