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This is (1) White Sage Smudge Stick (4 Inch) - White Sage is a lovely, soothing aroma, offering deep cleansing, relaxation, and purification in smudge stick form.

The burning of incense is an ancient tradition seen in countless cultures throughout history. A pleasant fragrance draws one deeper into the moment - enhancing perceptions of peace, joy, love, and belonging to something greater. Smudge sticks take this a step further, offering far greater purification and cleansing in the area of their use.

Perfect for aromatherapy, cleansing and purifying your environment, or gently inviting peace and tranquility into your life, White Sage smudge sticks are treasured for the relaxation and restorative energy they bring.

White Sage is most well known for its potent spiritual cleansing abilities, and is often used in the process of "smudging" - removing negative energies and entities from an area. But even without any mystical training you'll be sure to notice the difference the use of smudge sticks brings, and the pleasant, refreshing atmosphere brought on by the fragrance of the White Sage.

Cedar Sage is used to cleanse a home or apartment when first moving in, and protecting a person, place or object from unwanted influences

Product Description:
Smudging, and specifically, sage-burning has long been associated with clearing negative energy and welcoming positive energy as during house warming ceremonies.


Smudge Sticks are approximately 4 inches long and will burn for approximately 7 minutes depending on air flow, movement, and other factors.

Note: Always follow proper fire safety procedures, and never leave a flame or burning substance unattended.

Use: With a lighter or match, light the tip of the smudge stick or separate and light one of its branches. Once the smudge stick has been ignited, gently extinguish the flame by blowing it out. A soft glow can be seen and smoke will begin to emanate as the smudge stick burns. Slowly and deliberately move through the area you wish to cleanse, allowing the smoke to fill each area somewhat. When you've finished, you may extinguish the smudge stick or allow it continue to burn, as you would an incense stick, to further purify the area.